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   Swartz Scheduling is your best choice for your appointment setting needs

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  • We are a pay for performance company. That's why your success is our

       success. We won't charge you outrageous hourly fees. You pay only for the

       appointments we actually set.
  • Every client at Swartz Scheduling is treated like the only client. We take the

       time to fully understand you and your company and develop a customized

       approach specially designed to suit your needs.
  • Our CEO, David Swartz, and his personally trained team are among the best

       in the business. In the words of one top 10 Fortune 500 Senior VP,



      "David, you have succeeded in getting through to me and setting this

       appointment when no one else has.  What is your secret and how can
       I get you to come work for me?"



He couldn't hire David Swartz and his team, but you can!           


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