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Customer Testimonials

I have relied on Swartz Scheduling as an integral partner to our inside business development efforts. The reason for that is simple: High percentage of connects, high percentage of shows, high percentage of decision makers. Swartz could get a meeting with the President of the United States if I asked them too. I've never met a company with more passion for what it does. I will use Swartz again and again and it's a pleasure to confirm my high regard for their services and their part in our success.

Director of Marketing & Business Development

E-Discovery / Forensics Company



Dave Swartz is a phenomenal cold caller and appointment scheduler. Our company has worked with Swartz Scheduling for many years and they have consistently been able to schedule solid appointments for our sales team. They mine for information and find companies that use our services. Swartz is able to get our foot in the door with companies that we have not been able to and some of our top billing accounts have been a result of Dave’s cold calling efforts. I highly recommend Swartz Scheduling and their services.

Director of Sales

Staffing Firm


Swartz Scheduling has been a very good resource for us, following through on things that he committed to, and making sure that we are kept informed to his progress. I wasn't sure what to expect when they started working with us, but I have found them to be at the top of my list of best people I have worked with. Swartz Scheduling could not come more highly recommended.

VP of Sales

Records Management Company

Swartz Scheduling's services have been the perfect adjunct to my business, which I opened last September. They have provided me with live leads that have led to ongoing business. Getting an appointment with the real decision maker in this economic environment is not easy. David's introductions have gotten me the appointment in a favorable context.


Staffing Firm

The diligence of Swartz Scheduling has enabled our firm to set appointments with corporations and law firms that we wouldn’t otherwise have been able to meet.

Business Development Manager
Forensics / E-Discovery Firm


Swartz Scheduling has done an outstanding job in getting through the maze of obstacles that many prospective client companies have in place to avoid such calls. They landed us an outstanding new client very quickly, and this client later told me that, although they receive upwards of 10 calls per week from people in my line of work, Swartz's approach stood out, because it was singularly down to earth and not overly aggressive. I look forward to getting many other new client opportunities from Dave Swartz and his firm.


Consumer Insights Firm

I have found Swartz Scheduling to be persistent and hard-working. They have successfully provided me with several high contacts with potential clients.

Founding Partner

Law Firm

We have been working with Dave Swartz's team for several years. They have been able to schedule appointments with some key clients that we are now servicing. Their knowledge of our industry helps them quickly overcome objections and get the appointment set. We appreciate all of their hard work!

Staffing Firm

David Swartz and Swartz Scheduling have been setting quality business to business appointments for our company for over 5 years. During these tough economic times, they have helped our company to continue to thrive and grow. They are professional, knowledgeable, skilled, and efficient. Their proven techniques produce consistently high quality and high quantity results. David and his team have been a valuable asset to our organization.


Corporate Conglomerate



Dave was referred to me as someone who can get appointments with key decision makers, and I was not disappointed! From my own personal experience, Dave has been able to schedule meetings with people I could not. He has a proven method for getting results which has worked wonderfully. Dave has been extremely successfully scheduling multiple meeting for me and other recruiters in my company. I also appreciate Dave's timely communications. He will immediately let you know when he has an appointment scheduled. I whole heartedly endorse Dave's work and am confident you will not be disappointed in the results.

Director of Sales

Legal Staffing Firm